Customer Success Stories

“I do not have the ability to advertise and to market and do what Main Street Hub does. It’s impossible, because it goes out to the masses and it goes out daily. What else can you ask for?”
Barbara BurrellSky's Gourmet Tacos, Los Angeles, CA

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It’s worth having Main Street Hub, because you can’t do everything. They have a team of people and they are just dedicated to doing stuff for me.
Nancy GreenThe Dance Emporium, Middletown, NY

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We decided to work with Main Street Hub because they have great ideas and are extremely affordable.
Arnie FreireBike Tech, Miami, FL

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Main Street Hub has streamlined all of my social media needs. It has allowed me to interact with my customers professionally and instantly in the online world.
Lee RingelheimCirca Tabac, New York, NY

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Every time Main Street Hub has gotten involved and responded to customers, they’ve responded back and come back because of that. Main Street Hub strengthens our relationships and customers like what they do.
David Diehl200 Fifth, Brooklyn, NY

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The price of Main Street Hub is affordable, and has brought results. We have seen increases in traffic and sales since we started with Main Street Hub. I do not have to learn Facebook and Twitter. I can work on running CorAzoN, organizing the store, finding new products and artists, and developing the staff. These are things I am good at, while Main Street Hub handles the rest.
Susan ZdonCorAzoN, Minneapolis, MN

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Main Street Hub streamlined our social media efforts and we were able to see a return inside our business. They are well worth the investment given the value. You will not find another company that can do it better!
Aaron PinedaFit Flex Gym, Austin, TX

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Main Street Hub has redirected our online marketing towards social media which helped my business increase revenue by 20-30% within the first 6 to 8 months. I see so much flow of business due to my Yelp reviews and Facebook, and it puts me in a better position than my competitors. Main Street Hub goes out of their way to produce what you need when it comes to social media. The investment I made in them pays for itself tenfold.
Gary & Chris SchallerThe Car Doctor, Mountain View, CA

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Main Street Hub helps us open up the lines of communication and we are going to continue our relationship with them. Social Media is here to stay and If you want to be a contemporary well-run business, it needs to be part of your marketing program.
Robert WellbelovedBetelnut, San Francisco, CA

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They have the statistical knowledge and the research behind all of it, on what will work that takes the guess work out of it for me. After the first month it was one of the best investments I possibly could have made.
Natasha BajicBrass Ovaries Pole Dancing, Austin, TX

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  • Main Street Hub has been an amazing service allowing us to connect with our customers through social media marketing, which in turn has increased our business. They have been integral in keeping our fans updated as we launched 2 new locations. With over thousands of reviews on Yelp alone, Main Street Hub allows each of our customer/fan/critic to feel like they are the only ones with the individual attention and response they provide on our behalf. They make us look like rock stars so we can concentrate on actually running the businesses. They are affordable, but quite frankly, you can't afford NOT to use them!
    Sylvia and Young YiPearl's Deluxe Burgers, San Francisco, CA
  • Although skeptical at first, and with a very narrow budget for marketing and advertising, I took the plunge and made arrangements to secure Main Street to manage our online marketing accounts. It was one of the best decisions I've made! The bi-weekly content they post are appropriate to my customer base and raise a great deal of interest and conversation. Main Street is quick to answer every tweet that comes our way. Of course, all of this is passed to me beforehand, for quick and easy approval. And when I want a specific post, they are quick to make it happen. I couldn't be happier with the service or the customer support!
    Allen CollierJeannette Neill Dance Studio
    Boston, MA
  • Before Main Street Hub, our business took in about $40,000 a month. Now we make about that much in a week. I give a lot of the credit to Main Street Hub. They helped us spread word of mouth on social media, and they took care of our customers’ reviews. The result? More exposure and more success.
    Kimberly ArmstrongPalo Alto Laser & Skin Care
    Palo Alto, CA
  • Partnering with Main Street Hub to manage our online image was a great decision for us. We did not have the time nor expertise to consistently do it ourselves. They are now enabling us to integrate the use of these social tools into our core business. They're very professional, responsive and seem to understand our business needs.
    Myron and Pam KashimaKilohana Grill
    San Ramon, CA
  • My staff and I have worked hard to make ourselves the best-reviewed spa in the area. But I know that customer service doesn’t end with a review. I would thank someone who referred me to one person; why wouldn’t I thank someone who referred me to thousands of people? Likewise, if a customer has feedback on how we can improve, I take it seriously. My potential customers certainly will. How do I know Main Street Hub makes a difference? The many customers who respond, ‘It’s great to know someone is listening. I’ll be back soon.
    Susan NightingaleWatercourse Way Bathhouse & Spa, Palo Alto, CA
  • Our restaurants receive many new reviews every day on Yelp and Google. We are grateful for the feedback and want to respond thoughtfully to each one, but we cannot take our focus away from providing a top-notch dining experience night after night. Main Street Hub lets us do both.
    Brandy MartsThe Stinking Rose
    Beverly Hills and San Francisco, CA