“We decided to work with Main Street Hub because they have great ideas and are extremely affordable.”

Arnie Freire

Bike Tech, Miami, FL

Shifting Social Media Into High Gear


Since 1986, Bike Tech’s owner and original founder, Arnie Freire, has been sharing his passion for cycling with his customers. Early on, Arnie saw social media as a golden opportunity to connect with others that shared his passion, and keep in contact with customers on a daily basis. Even though he had a lot of early success on social media, Arnie felt like he could use an expert hand in taking Bike Tech to the next level online. He turned to Main Street Hub.

How Main Street Hub helps:

Advertising costs were grinding his gears

Tired of paying high prices for advertising that left him wanting more, our price point and level of service was exactly what Arnie was looking for. Multiple times per week, Main Street Hub creates unique posts that resonate with the raving fan base on Bike Tech’s social pages. These fans love continually coming back to the Facebook page just to see what’s new and to show their support. Our HubTargeter technology, which finds potential local customers on Twitter and allows us to start conversations with them on behalf of Bike Tech, has proven an effective tool for acquiring new customers. This minimizes Arnie’s overall advertising costs, since it’s already included as part of his Main Street Hub service.

High-speed responses to keep things rolling smoothly

Arnie understands that social media interaction is something that happens in real time. With Main Street Hub’s service, he can rest assured that Facebook comments and tweets on Twitter are responded to quickly. Any reviews Bike Tech receives on Yelp or Google+ are addressed in a timely manner and in a voice consistent with Bike Tech’s brand. With a response rate from customers around 108 times industry average, we can tell Bike Tech’s customers love receiving responses to their reviews! All this takes the time-consuming task off Arnie’s hands so he can focus on sharing his passion for cycling with customers in the store, as well as on their weekly club member bike rides. Speaking of being in-store, when someone checks in on Foursquare, they always receive a response on Twitter thanking them for stopping by.

All the bells and whistles

Arnie is a busy man with three Bike Tech locations to run, so he needs quick access to information. Through the custom dashboard that Main Street Hub provides him, Arnie can see exactly what’s happening on his pages in one place. With charts to let him know how he stacks up to competitors and a feed of all Bike Tech’s social activity, Arnie can catch up on all that’s happening in one convenient place, then get back to doing what he loves.

Arnie treats the future of social media like he treats a challenging bike ride, by simply saying, “Bring it on.” We couldn’t agree more, and Main Street Hub will be here to make sure the wheels keep turning for Bike Tech’s social media presence.