Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing

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“I signed up, loved the results, and continue to love them!”

Natasha Bajic

Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing, Austin, TX

How Brass Ovaries Leveraged Social Media To Engage Their Customers


Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing is a multi-functional aerial arts studio in Austin, TX specializing in the art of pole dancing and aerial hoop. They offer group and personal classes to all men and women looking to get in shape while having fun. Nominated for Best Pole Studio in Texas 2013, Brass Ovaries offers their customers a world-class staff and training facility, party planning, dance instruction, and an educational center.


Facebook engagement that is 4x the industry average

With the goal of better reaching and connecting with Brass Ovaries’ already established customers, the Main Street Hub team worked with Natasha to optimize her business’s Facebook presence. By creating posts that discuss classes and weekly/monthly specials, as well as scheduling unique content each week, our team was able to engage fans and followers while keeping them informed of exciting events happening at the studio. Their loyal customers are now actively interacting with Brass Ovaries online and helping to spread positive word of mouth. Also, by asking for input directly from fans, our team is able to obtain customer testimonials, which work to further increase the value of word of mouth on social media.

Over 6,000 new visitors and over 2,000 customer interactions

Being one of the many up and coming aerial arts studios in Austin, Brass Ovaries relied heavily on word of mouth to spread awareness about their business and maintain their award-winning reputation. Once Natasha partnered with us, our team immediately got to work on responding to all reviews on Yelp and Google+. We crafted personalized, thoughtful responses to each review to make sure each Brass Ovaries customer felt that their feedback was appreciated and taken under consideration. In responses to positive reviews, our writers cross-promoted Brass Ovaries’ Facebook presence, inviting reviewers to ‘Like’ the Facebook page and stay connected with the business.

An average of 60 new monthly visitors through Foursquare check-ins

Brass Ovaries now sees a steady stream of current and new customers checking in on Foursquare. Once a user checks-in, our team takes the time to thank each person for stopping by. They are also invited to leave a review of their visit and experience on Yelp or Google+, taking the user through nearly all of the Brass Ovaries social media pages. Through the online dashboard that Main Street Hub provides her, Natasha is able to directly see the correlation between new customers and having an active social media presence.

*metrics over a 19 month period


While Brass Ovaries continues to establish itself as the premier aerial arts studio in Austin, TX, Main Street Hub’s dedicated account management team will be there along the way to help them manage their social media, build relationships with their customers, and spread word of mouth online. Together, we’ll make sure their online reputation always represents their award-winning services.