The Dance Emporium

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“They help me reach people that I never would have reached before.”

Nancy Green

The Dance Emporium, Middletown, NY

Dancing Around the Topic of Social Media

Celebrating their 16th year, The Dance Emporium in Middletown, NY has grown to three times the original size. This keeps owner Nancy Green very busy—so busy, in fact, that she never had time to set up and manage social media pages for the dance studio. Realizing this was an aspect of her business she could no longer be without, she turned to Main Street Hub to help her bring The Dance Emporium into the conversation online.

How Main Street Hub takes the lead:

Bringing together the ballerinas

The community of people at The Dance Emporium is a diverse group from all ages and backgrounds. To further foster and grow that community, Nancy knew that she really needed to reach people online, as well. Without an official Facebook or Twitter account, everything needed to be started from scratch, but Nancy simply didn’t have the time or resources. We claimed and merged two unofficial pages Nancy couldn’t access to streamline The Dance Emporium’s presence, and set her up with a professional Twitter account immediately after signing on with Main Street Hub. Fans, students, and their families now love interacting on these platforms, and The Dance Emporium is seeing almost 30 times the customer interactions of their competitors on Facebook alone.

Life is better when you dance

A major focus Nancy had when partnering with Main Street Hub was to create a positive and encouraging space for students and their families online. The account team for The Dance Emporium took this to heart, creating inspirational original content and using the power of conversation to create the right kind of environment on Facebook and Twitter. This positive message resonates with fans, too. The engagement levels The Dance Emporium sees are 341% higher than her competition.

“Come dance with us.”

Every generation brings new future dancers with it. Each week, we start conversations with local Middletown-area people to keep The Dance Emporium’s name top of mind for dancers—past, present and future. With our exclusive HubTargeter technology, we find local people interested in dance or interested in enrolling their children in dance. In Nancy’s words, Main Street Hub helps her reach people that she never would have reached before, all while letting her focus on what’s going on in the studio.

Much like dance, social media management requires a certain amount of style and finesse. Nancy’s students are in good hands when it comes to fouettés, triple runs, and revoltades, and she can rest easy knowing she’s in our good hands when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and her online reputation.