“Main Street Hub is an extension of us.”

Aaron Pineda

Flex Fit Gym, Austin, TX

Flex Fit Gym: Engaging and Interacting With Members

The Situation

Owner Aaron Pineda started Flex Fit Gym as a personal training gym to give one on one lessons to the people in his hometown of Corpus Christi. After seeing a need for affordable membership gyms, he changed the business model of Flex Fit Gym to a low cost, high volume gym facility. His goal was to be able to provide the public affordable access to a healthier lifestyle. As the popularity of Flex Fit Gym grew, Aaron expanded the gym to 2 other locations across Texas. At the time of expansion, Flex Fit Gym had no social media presence but understood the importance of upholding direct and personal customer interaction and engagement, which was crucial to its business model and growth. Aaron wanted to make sure his customers received the same individual attention online as they did in person and remained engaged with the Flex Fit brand.

The Implementation

Our account management team started with building Flex Fit Gym’s presence on Facebook and Twitter, creating a place for their members and followers to interact with the gym and keep up to date on any related news. The next step for Main Street Hub was to make sure the messages and content resonated with the members of the gym and remained consistent to the Flex Fit brand.

Posting regular, relevant content such as class schedules, new offers, and workout tips was key in helping to spread the word of mouth. In addition to optimizing their Facebook and Twitter pages, Main Street Hub drafted responses to each of their Yelp and Google+ Local reviews to continue the direct and personal interaction and drive loyalty.

The Result

Within 6 months, Flex Fit Gym saw an increase of over 600 fans and reached over 95,000 customers through Facebook’s friends-to-friend network. Aaron was able to see his ROI not only through his social media reports but also by tracking new customer traffic in-house back to their Facebook and Twitter efforts. In addition to an increase in customers, Main Street Hub generated 966 new views and 248 customer interactions on review sites such as Yelp and Google+ Local. After seeing the results, Aaron knew that signing on the other locations was a ‘no-brainer’ and considers Main Street Hub an extension of the Flex Fit brand. He plans on utilizing the services for their new locations as they continue to expand.