Sky’s Gourmet Tacos

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“I do not have the ability to advertise and to market and do what Main Street Hub does. It’s impossible, because it goes out to the masses and it goes out daily. What else can you ask for?”

Barbara Burrell

Sky’s Gourmet Tacos, Los Angeles, CA

Social Media, With a Splash of Soul


For over two decades, Sky’s Gourmet Tacos has satisfied the palates of their customers throughout Southern California by preparing the finest quality Mexican food, with a splash of soul. According to founder, Barbara Burrell, social media has taken her business to the top by continuing to build her brand by making memories, telling stories and maintaining relationships with customers. For her, social media is the “creme de la creme” because it adds value and takes her product out where everyone can be introduced to it.


More than 1,000 new ‘Likes’ on Facebook

Since coming on board with Main Street Hub in May of 2013, a dedicated team of writers have connected Sky’s with over 385,000 people on Facebook, giving them exposure that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

12x more customers reached than the industry average

On her sign up date, the vision Barbra had for her social media presence was to get more people to know and love Sky’s. With a customer reach that is 12x greater than the industry average, we think it’s safe to say that Sky’s is doing a great job of exceeding that goal.

7x more Yelp traffic than competitors

Every year, Sky’s Yelp page sees thousands of visits and hundreds of reviews. We’ve given Barbra the peace of mind to know that her online reputation is under control, so she can focus on creating the delicious tacos that so many people in SoCal are raving about.

*metrics over an 18 month period

Moving Forward

This year Sky’s celebrates 22 years of business and a lot has changed over the past two decades, but one thing has stayed the same: the ingredients that make up their famous Shrimp Tacos. Our focus is making sure that Sky’s Tacos is staying connected to customers online, so they can focus on running a successful business. That means we’re constantly engaging their customers through customer review websites, social media, mobile and email to help spread word of mouth and keep them coming back. With the help of Main Street Hub, Barbara can give all of her attention to delighting her customers with the soul food they crave. And if you’ve watched her video, then you know — those tacos look too good to resist!