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When they are looking for the right salon or spa, more than four out of five people search for and read customer reviews on social media websites. Your presence in social media has never been more important. One bad review handled improperly could mean thousands of dollars in lost business for your salon or spa. Ignoring the opportunity to build loyalty could mean thousands more lost. That’s where we come in. Main Street Hub™ will help your salon or spa look its best online so potential customers choose you over your competition, and we’ll keep them coming back.


“My staff and I have worked hard to make ourselves the best-reviewed spa in the area. But I know that customer service doesn’t end with a review. I would thank someone who referred me to one person; why wouldn’t I thank someone who referred me to thousands of people? Likewise, if a customer has feedback on how we can improve, I take it seriously. My potential customers certainly will.”

“How do I know Main Street Hub makes a difference? The many customers who respond, ‘It’s great to know someone is listening. I’ll be back soon.’”

Susan Nightengale, Watercourse Way Bathhouse & Spa, Palo Alto, California

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When you sign up, you will get one dedicated account manager, who will be your key point of contact. You’ll also have a dedicated team of two other social media professionals who will be working on your account.


We provide your salon or spa a personalized dashboard where you can:

  • See everything being said about your salon or spa online – all in one place
  • Track key metrics like word-of-mouth growth, fan growth, traffic growth, and more.
  • Compare your performance to other salons or spas

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Your customers are already sharing their thoughts by posting, liking and reviewing salons or spas online. Main Street Hub protects your reputation on Yelp and Google+ Local by:

  • Optimizing your profiles so they look great and are found by people searching for salons and spas online
  • Helping your biggest fans spread online word of mouth about your business
  • Monitoring the most important review and social media websites 24/7
  • Responding quickly to all customer reviews and messages, while they’re fresh


Main Street Hub helps you spread word of mouth and attract more customers by:

  • Optimizing your profiles so they look great and are found by people searching for spa and salon businesses like yours
  • Creating original, engaging messages that keep your spa and salon top-of-mind with your current customers and spread word of mouth to potential ones
  • Thanking customers for telling their friends about your business on Foursquare
  • Cross-promoting positive reviews across your social media network to increase your online presence
  • Getting more customers from your competitors


Testimonials from happy customers are a powerful way to get potential customers to choose you. We help you collect and spread positive word of mouth by:

  • Requesting testimonials on Facebook, Twitter, and your mobile-optimized HubSite (if applicable)
  • Editing and filtering the testimonials to make you look great
  • Sharing testimonials on Facebook, Twitter and your HubSite (if applicable)


A simple “thank you” is a great way to make customers feel valued and encourage return visits. With HubThanks we use Twitter to give customers a personal “thank you” and ask for feedback on customer review websites whenever they check in on Foursquare or leave a review, upload a picture, or check in on Yelp.


We reach out online and grab customers for you:

  • Our technology searches for potential customers who are nearby
  • We craft a customized message to connect you with the customer
  • We put you in front of customers that you otherwise would not have met and get results

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  • - Plus one-time Setup Fee of $149.
  • - We do not have a long-term contract. We ask that you partner with us for 90 days. After that, we work on a month-to-month basis.

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  • HubSocial Plus

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    For some businesses, posting original content more than two times per week may be the desired approach. With HubSocial Plus you get two additional posts per week on Facebook and Twitter to further spread word of mouth.

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  • HubSite

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    Drive your customers from social media websites straight to your salon or spa with a HubSite:

    • Designed to look beautiful on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones
    • Features a real-time Twitter feed to show interactions with customers
    • Includes positive reviews from Yelp so potential customers choose you
    • Use as your primary website or link to your existing website

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